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The Commandant Marshall turned from her position over the monitor. Strike Squad was failing at containing those Core-Tech brats. She needed to get down there stop to them herself. Charlemagne glared at the door. Surprisingly it was her younger sister, Melody, staring back at her. The younger woman’s amber eyes reflected Charlemagne’s own orbs.
“Charlemagne! You can’t lock up zhe Vorld Council! Vhat are you doing? What is going on?” cried Melody. “You must stop zhis nonsense immediately!”
The blonde grit her teeth. “Vhat is going on? Vhat have ve been vorking for, Melody!? Have you forgotten?”
Melody shrunk back slightly at her older sister’s ferocious nature. She was acting like a mad woman. “V-ve are trying to keep the Monsuno contained. Ve have to protect zhe vorld from zheir existence.”
“Exactly,” huffed Charlemagne. “As for zhe Vorld Council, zhey do not believe in me to complete my duty. Zhey do not believe in zhe danger I see. So I locked zhem up for zheir own protection.”
“Vhat danger are you protecting zhem from Charlemagne?!” shouted Melody. “Jeredy Suno? Zhat small group of children that are just trying to stop zhis madness?”
“Zhey are a danger!” Charlemagne screamed. “Jeredy opened Pandora’s Box and zhose brats are continuing his vork!”
“Don’t you remember, Charlemagne?” Melody hissed. “I helped open zhat box. I helped open zhat box on your order. Ve are all to blame for zhe birth of Monsuno!”
Charlemagne went silent, staring at the screen for a moment. “I’m going down zhere. Strike Squad can’t do zheir own job.” The Commandant Marshall went to leave, but Melody blocked the only exit.
“What do you expect zhem to do? Zhey are only children. Zhey can only do so much, Charlemagne.” Melody tucked a strand of raven hair that came out of her bun behind her ear.
“Zhat is vhy I’m going to finish zhe job!”
Now when Charlemagne tried to move, Melody pushed her back slightly. The older sister looked down in disbelief at Melody. It wasn’t like Melody to disobey her. The younger sibling had followed her every order up until this point. Why now? Why when everything was so dire?
“Charlemagne,” Melody whimpered. “Zhis…Ve need to stop zhis…”
The blonde woman looked down at her in disbelief. “Stop? Vhy should I stop?”
“If you release zhe Vorld Council, zhen maybe zhey’ll only demote you a few ranks down. You can keep your honor, sister. It vill be okay.” Melody rambled, trying to explain the circumstances to her sister.
“No! I vill show zhem zhe truth! I vill save zhe vorld!” Charlemagne shouted. “Vhy are you against me?!”
“I’m not against you!” shouted Melody. “But Jeredy’s theories are correct! Zhere is danger! Just let Core-Tech get zhe frequencies!”
The room grew eerily still. The silence was so deep that one could hear static cross the room. It ended when Charlemagne bared her teeth at Melody, charging forwards at the younger woman.
“No! No Charlemagne! I’m not a traitor!” Melody tried to back out the door, but Charlemagne pulled her back into the room, slamming the door shut behind her.
“You’ve been talking to Jeredy Suno! You’ve sided vith zhe enemy!” Charlemagne was practically foaming out the mouth in rage.
Melody’s heart hammered in her chest. Where was the sister she loved so dearly? “N-no! Zhat is not zhe truth at all! I’m sided vith no one, Charlemagne! Jeredy sent a varning message to all zhe scientists! Most deleted the messages to not incur your wrath, but I read it. He vas my colleague! He vas my friend! Jeredy vould only send a message to varn you of the danger. He vants a truce!”
Charlemagne lowered her head next to Melody’s. “It’s too late for a truce.” She hissed in Melody’s ear. “And now, I vill be taking care of one traitorous sister.”
Melody lurched back, but it was too late. Charlemagne quickly wrapped her whip around her sister’s neck. The black haired woman gulped.
“Goodbye Melody, I’m sorry it had to be zhis vay, but you are a danger to zhe planet.”
Melody could not believe this was happening. Her older sister would never do this. But it was happening. She could feel the whip tightening around her throat, cutting off her airway. The young woman wanted to cry for help, but it was her older sister’s name she wished to cry for, the name she’d always cry out for whether scared or in trouble.
“Ch-Charle-magne…,” gasped Melody. “Pl-please…st-stop…”
Charlemagne did not reply. The whip only tightened. Searing pain coursed through Melody as she felt the thin leather begin to tear through her flesh. Warm blood trickled from the gashes as she wheezed for breath. It was only a matter of time before Melody lost consciousness from asphyxiation or the whip would slice into her carotid artery, sealing her fate for sure.
Melody looked up at her sister with begging eyes. Amber eyes reflected one another. Melody coughed, black tinged her vision. This was it.
Before all hope was lost, Melody saw a glimpse of humanity flicker in her sister’s maddened eyes. Charlemagne let out a soft gasp and released her grip on the whip. The Commandant Marshall backed away a few paces.
Melody gasped, taking in gulps of precious air. She gripped at her bleeding throat. The lacerations felt impossibly deep, but none seemed to be life threatening. Melody looked up at Charlemagne. Her older sister looked to be in horror. It was as if some horrible monster had done the deed instead of her.
After a moment of only listening to Melody’s own wheezing and coughing, Charlemagne broke the silence.
“I’m going to finish zhe job.” The older sister murmured.
Melody began to sob and grabbed onto Charlemagne’s jacket. She didn’t want her older sister to go through with this. She wanted the madness to stop. All she could do was cry. Melody had no energy left to spend.
Charlemagne pulled away from her younger sister. Her head turned to Melody one last time, no hint of mercy in her eyes. “Fine. Stay zhere and cry like a baby.”
And with those last words, Melody was alone.
Lost Sister
The most painful thing Melody had to go through was Charlemagne abandoning her. The hardest thing was losing her older sister. 
Melody Redesign by GeekWayne
Melody Redesign
Revamped Melody's look. I honestly had her as just a clone of Charlemagne with black hair. Now that I'm a better artist I decided to use what I know to improve her look to have her look related to Charlemagne while having traits of her own. 
Also revamped her background: 

Name: Melody

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexuality: asexual

Faction: S.T.O.R.M ((returned recently from a research trip))

Position: Zoologist/Researcher/Scientist

Appearance: Melody is 5”4’, usually wearing heels like Charlemagne to try and get an intimidation factor going on. She prefers to wear turtlenecks to cover up the whip scar around her neck. Melody’s hair is naturally black, a recessive gene in her family, and she usually keeps it in a bun. Like her older sister Charlemagne, Melody has a resting bitch face with piercing amber eyes.

Personality: Jon, who once dated Melody, can only describe her personality as “a rock”. That is not necessarily a bad thing due to her most of the time being the rock in her older sister’s storms back when he and Jeredy worked with S.T.O.R.M. Melody tends to show very little emotion. The woman has the patience of a saint and can even withstand Bren or Chase yapping at her for long periods of time. She’s incredibly no nonsense and blunt with most people.

Other: Melody once held a sort of hero worship for her older sister, Charlemagne. The young woman followed her orders down to a T for a long time. Melody defected only when Charlemagne began to be consumed by her power. The younger sister did not want Charlemagne to kill Core-Tech and believed Jeredy’s theories of the Earth being doomed. Their arguments eventually turned into a full blown fight. It ended when Charlemagne wrapped her whip around Melody’s throat and began to strangle her.

Jon soon called Melody back to the main base after becoming Commandant Marshal. He felt the need to surround himself with allies to ensure his safety against the unknown amount of those that wished Charlemagne has stuck around. Melody took the offer, but does not speak much with her other family members nor does she visit her imprisoned sister.

Weapon: Prefers to use her Monsuno, Rocket, a hybrid of a star-nosed mole and a hyena. 

Maternal by GeekWayne
Charlemagne moaned softly, caressing her throbbing, heavily pregnant midsection. The child within squirmed and kicked, seeming to be aiming at the large black bow wrapped around her midsection. Whether the kicks were out of curiosity or anger of the absurd thing tied around her, Charlemagne could not tell.

            “Melody, is zhe bow honestly necessary?” Charlemagne grumbled crankily. The Commandant Marshal was beginning to doubt her choice of allowing her younger sister to buy her maternity wear unattended. Curse this pregnancy having to be a secret.

            Charlemagne watched her younger sister fold up laundry on the floor next to her. A rare smile graced Melody’s face. The black haired woman looked up at the blonde. “Vhat’s zhe matter? I zhink it’s cute. Your tummy looks like zhere’s a present inside.”

            The Commandant Marshal rolled her eyes. “Ok fine, fair enough, but zhe colors for God’s sake! Vas it your intent to make me look like zhe sun?”

            Melody dropped the shirt she was holding and began to laugh. The light sound flittered through the room while Charlemagne quietly fumed. Melody had to wipe tears for her eyes when her laughter finally ceased. “Zhey’re S.T.O.R.M’s colors, Charlemagne. I know how much you love to keep in uniform.”

            The black haired woman smirked playfully. “Plus, I know how much you believe you’re zhe center of zhe universe.”

Traditional practice based on a conversation :icontacticianlyra: and I had last night. Super gay for Charlemagne...even more so when she's pregnant. 
Things would have turned out so different if she had a kid. 

Writing German accents is hard and I think my printer scanner killed the quality of this a bit ^^;


Problem by Natalia Kills 

That is all. Go on about your daily lives.

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Hello, I am a very unique catbat that loves to draw and write. I am a very big fan of DC and Marvel especially Batman and X-Men. My other interests include gaint monsters that look vicious, but are actually sweetheart deep down.
I love inflation and weight gain art. Be warned I love to draw it too. Male usually.
I'm also trying to take up fursuit and plushie making.

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